New single ‘Hidden Love’ by Chris Lawson

chris bann2 fbookcopy.jpg

Host Recordings artist Chris Lawson has released his new single ‘Hidden Love’ on Valentine’s day. Evocative and uplifting, the song sends out a simple but resonant and positive message with a powerful instrumental backing made up of multiple guitars, electronic and live drums and a solid baseline underpinning its dynamics.

‘Hidden Love’s words and vocal melody came from Chris in one sitting while he was improvising with Host musical director David O’Connell. He had been going through a bad time and had been missing from sessions for a while. People were concerned for his wellbeing but Chris’ inbuilt resolve and metal resources brought him back and, on arriving at the session unannounced, sat with david and they together wrote the tune from scratch in a matter of minutes.

‘Hidden Love’ is available to buy on Bandcamp (see link below) for a  minimum price of £1 to download (although people are welcome to give more) with profits split in the following way:

60% to Chris

20% to Host Recordings

20% to the charity of Chris’ choosing


Click on the link to hear the song:


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