Chris Lawson


Profile: The Host in Host Recordings stands for ‘How Our Story’s Told’ and nowhere is this more embodied than in the music of Chris Lawson whose soulful and emotional songs and lyrics come from a place deep within us all but from a truth that is uniquely his.

Chris’ no holds-barred and no stone unturned approach to his songs put his story and his experience front and centre with lyrics that can be harrowing and can be hopeful, sometimes both in the space of a single verse.

After starting the Host Recordings sessions in April 2018 singing Neil Diamond and Perry Como standards, Chris took things to the next level through improvising vocals and lyrics over basic guitar tracks and, as a result of these sessions, found his voice and is now using it to highlight the harsh realities he and his friends on the streets have experienced while at the same time forging his path towards a different and more hopeful reality through courageous, powerful and emotional music. This story will be told.

Songs: ‘Words They Say’, ‘’My Facts’, ‘Friends’, ‘Lost Man’, ‘Little Lady’, ‘Head in the Ground’, ‘Felt So Blind’, ‘Better Man’

Here’s where to buy Chris’ debut release:



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