John Gailbraith


Profile: John Gailbraith writes from the past and plays from the heart. His songs combine the rich layers and soulful inflections of classic artists such as Van Morrison and Tom Petty along with lyrics that reflect the universal feelings of love, loss and nostalgia that we all feel from time to time.

From a difficult upbringing and through a life that has sadly had more downs than ups, John has kept his spirit and his resilience and these both comes across in the music he writes and plays, broadcasting the message that, no matter what life throws at you, if you can turn these experiences into songs then you are a true artist.

From John: ‘From a very early part of my life music has been important to me. It’s never been about fame and fortune, I would say it’s a kind of therapy. When I was a kid and times were hard music seemed to help me through my sadness and loneliness. When I was depressed music was like a tonic. I would sing to myself for a little while and for a while I would forget all my troubles. 

When I ended up on the street I met people like myself who had nowhere to live. Some would offer me drugs – I suppose it was their way of dealing with life but I knew that was not the answer. 

I have had a lot of sorrow and heartache in my life but music has always been there for me’.

* Formerly Worthing Churches Homeless charity

Songs: ‘I Need You’, ‘Richmond’, ‘My Baby’, ‘Just a Game’

We will be releasing John’s debut release ‘Richmond’ on 7th June 2019. Watch this space.

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